255. Thumbnail and Review

255. Thumbnail and Review

A few years ago, my first daughter got into games on iPad. She wanted me to choose which game to download, so we scrolled through the games together. But I noticed a big difference in evaluating apps: I looked at the reviews, but she looked at the thumbnail. She wanted me to download games that looked great but had a poor review. I wanted her to choose games that had great reviews. It got me thinking about the difference between how we usually make decisions and how God wants us to make decisions.

Many people are too attracted to what they see (thumbnail) that they forget to see what people are saying about a certain path and opportunity. (Review) But if we want to make a better decision, we need to hear from people who’ve gone before us. In other words, if we wish our next purchase or decision to be better than before, we need to pay closer attention to the “reviews” shared by people who’ve already bought it or done it.

King Solomon, who is often considered the epitome of the wise person, gave some reviews in his writing called Ecclesiastes.

He gave a one-star review after trying all the following:

  • Knowledge (1:16-18)
  • Building things (2:4-6)
  • Sex (2:8)
  • Money (2:8)
  • Fame (2:9)
  • Accomplishment (2:11)

And there are many other one-star reviews. But people keep pursuing these because they have the great “thumbnail.” These are not bad and can bring great pleasure. But people often seek them at all costs, and the experience we get is always disappointing in the end.

But the Bible gives five-star reviews to these:

  • Purpose
  • Gratitude
  • Purity
  • Generosity
  • Service

These don’t have great-looking thumbnails, but their experience is always great for everyone who chooses them.

So, every time you need to decide, and you are unsure, look for the Bible. The Bible has comprehensive reviews for all human experiences to help guide your next decision.