270. Change of Tide

270. Change of Tide

After the House Church conference, I am writing this blog at my sister’s place. Thanks to your prayer, Jennifer and I had a great time learning and connecting with fellow pastors at the conference. We had a record number of ESC pastors attending this year, and I was thankful for the opportunities to connect with many new pastors.

I have been attending the conference for the past nine years, and for the first time, I’ve sensed a change in my role in the conference. I always attended with a question, “What do I have to learn?” as I was just focused on getting something from the conference. But as we have many more pastors who just started house church ministry or those who are early in their transition, I realized I need to ask another question for the subsequent conferences, “What do I have to give?”

Our ministry story encourages many pastors, regardless of their size or context, though small in number. I have learned a lot from watching Pastor Chai, Pastor Lee, Pastor Kwack, and many other great pastors who do house church ministry well. The insights I have gained from them turn out to be a valuable resource for many younger pastors who need direction and guidance. I am usually a bit insecure about speaking up, but I felt the need to do so a little more to be helpful to those who have questions about house church ministry.

I still feel very immature and inexperienced in many ways, but I am sensing a shift in my role in my church and outside. I am trying to see it as a sign of growth. Growth is hard to see in a mirror. (Except for physical growth) We notice through sensing how people’s views of us changed, which takes time. As it takes time, it is hard to see growth as you go through it, but it becomes more apparent as you look back.

Learning has been a fun journey, and it will continue to be my primary goal. But I am also beginning to sense the joy of contributing. I will be praying more for discernment in how I can contribute to house church ministry, which has dramatically changed my ministry philosophy and our church. As we stay faithful in this ministry, we become encouraging news to those who are in need of hope and direction. (1 Th. 2:12)