299. Tough Decision

299. Tough Decision

I shared in last week’s blog that my mom wasn’t responding to neurological test. Based on this, doctors have concluded that my mom won’t wake up again, probably never. So, they gave us two options, either to keep my mom alive in a vegetative state (eventually in a long-term care home) or allow her to die comfortably in a comfort care unit. Though they did not say it, but we could sense that most people usually opt for the latter option. However, my family decided to continue to keep her alive, and provide every medical care she needs, regardless of how long that may be.

It was more difficult than I anticipated to communicate this decision in front of well-informed medical staff. It felt foolish and naive to go in the opposite direction the medical team was nudging us toward. If they had never given us an option, we would have followed their recommendation, as we genuinely respect their medical expertise. But as they did give us options, and we felt strongly that we should do everything to keep her alive, allowing God to do the miracle only he can do.

When we communicated our decision, we could tell staff were surprised and asked us if we were fully aware of her condition and the consequence of our decision. I said that we fully know how unlikely she will recover, but we are people of faith and praying for a miracle. I also told them that I was convinced that’s what my mom would’ve chosen if she were to speak for herself, as she was a woman of faith and prayer. They respected our decision and proceeded with the next step, which was to perform a Tracheostomy, which is to put hose on her neck so that she can wean off the ventilator.

Thankfully, the surgery went well on Thursday, and on Friday, my mom was breathing without the help of a ventilator. When her brain drain (EVD) can be removed, she can be discharged from St. Michael Trauma Neurological ICU and be transferred to the hospital near our home, which would allow us to visit her more often, including our kids.

We are not just wishing for her recovery, but praying for a testimony that will help many to believe in the power of Jesus through it. However, frankly, we are battling with doubts each day as we are dealing with a humanly impossible situation. But we are just thankful that my mom is still alive, and God has been giving us unexplainable hope through his words and people who are praying for my mom.