3. Youth House Church

As I wrote earlier, starting from 2nd Sunday of September, “flock” will change its name to “Youth House Church”(YHC). This is to make sure both adults and youth feel that they are engaged in the same ministry, as an intergenerational congregation. Many people have been asking me what will happen to new “Youth House Church” so I will share them here.

1. Youth Shepherd (“YS”) Qualification

As I wrote earlier, YS will be selected from adults (College and above). Selection will be volunteer basis and qualification is this: Must be a baptized member, finished living life and has been attending Sunday service and house church faithfully. This is to ensure we don’t have comittment issue later. We want to make sure that YS will be present most of the Sundays to lead. The candidate must be willing to serve for 3 years. It is to give maximum stability to the group and enough time for members to form a deep relationship with each other. After every 3 years, we will let students to choose the groups again. Leaders can decide to serve again. If a leader has to step down (with a good reason) before 3 years mark, we will ask someone else to fill in the remaining years until the new cycle. Starting from 2nd week of August, we will start receiving application for YS.

2. Youth Intern Shepherd (“YIS”) Qualification

Grade 12 students will have opportunity to serve as YIS under the leadership of YS. If there is no grade 12 in the group, grade 11 can also volunteer. YS will record YHC journals and lead prayer time for mission. YIS will be mentored by YS, so he/she can lead group meeting during the winter retreat. The term for YIS is 1 year. This is to give other students a chance to serve. Potential candidates must be baptized and completed one of the youth Bible studies.

3. YHC selection

From September 11th, we will give three weeks for students to choose their YHC. As we did before, students will write down their best 3 choices in order. Most of all VIPs and younger students will get their top choices.

4. Meeting

Meeting structure will be very similar, but one key difference is each Youth House Church will support a missionary. This is to ensure that each YHC is mission focused and gets opportunity to practice generosity. Every meeting will end with students praying for their own missionaries.

5. Fellowship

Six times a year, YHC meeting will happen on Saturday, in one of members home. Since there is good amount of time, it allows fun games and quick icebreakers before the meeting. Also such intimate setting can promote deeper sharing and is a wonderful opportunity to invite VIP friends.