30. Danger of self-diagnosis

30. Danger of self-diagnosis

I have had coughing issue for a few weeks, which many of you probably noticed already. It all started in January when I caught flu. I got better soon after but a few weeks ago it came back again. So I took over-the-counter medication that helps and relieves coughing and musuc build up.

But people around me advised visiting a doctor because coughing for that long might mean a lung issue or condition that requires x-ray. After days of procrastination thinking that I already know my condition, I decided to visit a walk-in-clinic because it wasn’t getting any better. I expected doctor to get me a puffer, which helped me a lot last time I had a coughing issue.

Doctor did a couple of quick check-ups. After listening to my breathing, he concluded that my lung is clear, which was a good relief for me. As I was waiting for his prescription, that’s when he really surprised me. He prescribed me a nose spray! I argued back that my nasal passage is clear. All the while, I didn’t have a runny nose or clogged nasal passage. I was sure I needed a puffer or medication that deals with my chest cough.

But he said even though my front nasal passage might be clear, a lot of mucus is going down through the back of it, which creates a mucus build up that triggers chest cough to get it out. Nose Spray is supposed to help reduce mucus build up from the “source”, which was my sinus.

At that point, I was very glad I came to see a doctor. My self-diagnosis was completely wrong. Since following his prescription, I was coughing out less mucus than before.

This made me think about the danger of self-diagnosis. Since we can easily access information through google, we can find our symtoms and self-diagnose our problems. Sometimes it works but when it doesn’t, not only it is a waste of time and money but it could lead to serious outcome. Many people look at their current issues, such as relationship, habits, or financial issues, and assume they know why it happens. The problem is things don’t get better. Some try harder or some give up and decide to live with the pain. However, we are usually one outside, expert help away from knowing the true source of problem and remedy. Many physical symtoms have spiritual problem as origin.

We Christians believe that Bible is our ultimate prescription from God, who created us and knows us. From the very beginning, Bible clarifies the source of our human problems as “sin”. Goodnews is that Bible also gives us a prescription that solves our ultimate source of problem, which is the person of Jesus who can forgive our sins and empower us to be free from bondages we experience. This is why receiving Jesus and spending time with him is necessary to experience true freedom in our lives.