304. Team Leader Qualification is Changing

304. Team Leader Qualification is Changing

Starting from next ministry term (starts in October this year), team leader qualification is changing to acting shepherds and spouses/ youth shepherds and former shepherds and spouses/youth shepherds.

Pastor Rick Warren once said that one way to know a church is maturing is when leadership qualification is increasing. Team ministry is where our house church VIPs make first contact with church ministry and learn to grow in serving. Its primary role is to assist house church ministry, not just to do team related tasks. That is why, I believe those who have heart for VIP and have experience of serving them in house church would need to be team leaders to fulfill team ministry’s primary purpose and gain trust from members.

But setting standards is supposed to qualify the right people, rather than robbing people of the chance to serve. So, even with this conviction, I decided to wait until the majority of our team leaders grow into this qualification before making it official. Thankfully, all our current team leaders meet this qualification, and I see it as a sign that our ministry has matured. So, I am confident that this is the right time to make the change. To be clear, this qualification will continue to increase in the future as our ministry continues to mature.

Jesus said, “For to everyone who has, more will be given…”(Matthew 25:29) It does not mean Jesus likes to play favourites. It means those who are faithful with what is given to them, will receive more capacity and authority to serve. It is very likely that those who have been leading people well will also lead team ministry well.

I understand that some members might feel left out from the chance to lead a team due to this change. But remember that leadership is not a position, but influence. We can all exert major influence in a team and its culture, whether you have the title of leadership or not. We encourage our team leaders to delegate as much as they can and provide opportunity for members to initiate, so you won’t feel too limited as a team member.