348. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

348. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

10 Days EMP (Early Morning Prayer) registration is starting next Sunday. Every year, we spend 10 days praying with 2 other partners, going over a book of choice to grow together and start the year with God’s help.

This year’s book is “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality”, written by Peter Scazzero. He led a thriving church, but he realized how emotionally immature he was, despite his reputation and ministry experience. Though painful, he humbly started the hard work of facing his real self, his past, his family of origin. He shares many personal stories of failure, but also how he regained emotional health that allowed him to experience healthy spirituality. I believe the book will be a great read, and helpful for many who feel stuck in their spiritual journey, despite making progress in their spiritual disciplines.

Emotion is a tricky thing. It fools us as if something is real when it isn’t. For example, our emotion of fear often comes from experience that does not exist any more today. And yet, our body feels it as if it is real right now. Certainly, it would be wise to not make decisions based on emotion alone.

However, emotion is an honest signal for our thought patterns and systematic beliefs that are hidden in us. It is like a crying baby in a room that is closed. Regardless of whether we recognize the voice or not, we are to open and check what is really happening. In the same way, if we don’t pay attention to our emotion and dig deeper, we might be neglecting a critical part of us that needs a help.

The author emphasizes that very few of us grew up in a family where emotion was expressed and handled in a healthy manner. Regardless of how it looks outside, we all require some time to learn how we can navigate emotions in a healthy way. The author notes that without a healthy emotional life, there is no growth in spirituality, as they are deeply integrated.

When it comes to choosing a partner, one thing we recommend is partnering with other house church members if possible. Even if you can’t find a partner, just sign up and we will match you up with other participants.