36. Persistency is the key

36. Persistency is the key

There are many virtues people want to attain, but I think the least popular one is “persistency”. Simply because it requires long time (which we hate!) and assumes certain level of pressure and adversity, which we normally try to avoid.

People rarely succeed on their first attempt of doing anything. Of course, there are some specially talented people who do things well at the first attempt, but generally people need multiple practices or attempts before they get the basics down and begin to make a good progress. Especially in sports, the importance of sticking with the fundamentals is essential.

Our spiritual life is the same. After being born again by receiving Jesus, people don’t grow in linear fashion. After the initial emotional “high” of finding your new life, you are faced with the realities of your issues (character, circumstances…) that are still there, even after you have become a Christian. So the temptation is to avoid the issues and move on to the next level too early. But that is the very time you need to stick with the basic and focus on building a “good spiritual habit”.

As someone said, Christian life is about forming good habits, and letting go of bad ones. One time spiritual experience or church event does not produces lasting change. (it might give you a spritual boost or motivation) Doing something positive and healthy persistently for a long period of time, whether that be reading the Bible, praying regularly or faithfully attending house church. Those who mature as a Christian are the ones who have succeeded in forming a good spiritual “routine” they stick with, regardless of their varying schedules.

What I’ve learned from great leaders or great athletes is that most of them have a routine they follow, before a big speech or game. They religiously follow those routines, though at first look, they seem nothing special. But such routine prepares you mentally and even physically for the challenge ahead that comes repeatedly.

So let’s stick with the fundamentals of building our relationship with God and people. Building relationship with God comes from spending time with him in his Word through personal QT or taking life series and through prayer. Building relationship with people comes from consistenly spending time with people in an intimate setting like house church, sharing our emotions and issues honestly. Though the change may not become evident in the beginning, if you stay at it long enough, you will see the transformation happening at the right time.