362. New Mission Field

362. New Mission Field

We are changing our mission field. We have been going to Nicaragua for the last 10 years, and served this one church faithfully. But the pastor of that church has indefinitely left the field, and even though we were told that he had been planning for this, this was sudden news for us.

The mission is ultimately about church planting. So, our main mission focus has been helping with establishing a church in the mission field, with the intention to implement house church. We helped this pastor and his church for that purpose. But now that he is no longer there, and there is no clear timeline of a new pastor’s coming, we had to rethink our mission field.

After some weeks of praying, meetings and correspondence with other missionaries, mission leadership of both congregations has decided to change our mission field. Thankfully, we found a missionary in Ecuador who is already doing house church ministry. Exact ministry opportunities are not clear yet, but the main ministry will likely be children’s ministry, as it was in Nicaragua Mission.

God’s work must be done in God’s ways, God’s timing, and God’s place. Currently, we don’t have much information about this mission field apart from some ministry opportunities. So we want to find out if it could become our new mission field for the long term, or just this time. It might take a few more years of exploring different mission fields until we can settle. But we hope that this would be the long-term mission field we can continue to support.

To experience God, we must discern his will, then follow instead of us leading the way and ask God to help. We go with the intention to discern his will more clearly and see if God’s need is evident.

So, please prayerfully consider joining the mission team, not to do the ministries you want to do, but God requires from us. And also pray for the mission team to become more clear about God’s will and his need as well.