365. Introducing Ecuador Missionary Couple

365. Introducing Ecuador Missionary Couple

It was helpful that some members pointed out the current security issues in Ecuador. However, after checking with the missionary, those dangers are limited to border areas where gangs are active. The region we are going is Samborondon, which is located in the center of Ecuador, close to the airport and relatively safe. This region is also not listed in the “Avoid Travel” list on the Canadian government website. However, keep in mind that all mission trips may involve some level of insecurity and unexpected danger. Just as Jesus said, “count the cost” before committing. (Luke 14:28)

Here is the introduction message sent from an Ecuador missionary translated into English.

Introduction of Missionaries

  • Name: Kim Young-sun and Lee Sun-soo
  • Sending Organization: Korea Hunger Mission
  • Sending Church: Jumaeum Church in Gunsan (Presbyterian Church of Korea)
  • Family: 1 son, 2 daughters


I met Jesus while battling cancer, promising the Lord that if He saved me from the despair of death, I would dedicate the rest of my life to Him. Responding to God's irresistible call as a missionary to feed His sheep, I obediently served as a short-term missionary in the Philippines, Taiwan, Yanbian, and Japan for 10 years. Then, God placed the country of Ecuador in South America in my heart. I am living this life as an extra blessing from God. My wife and I decided to dedicate the remaining half of our lives to the Lord after living the first half for ourselves and thus committed ourselves to missionary work.

Ministry Story

We are engaged in children's development work, conducting education, social-emotional, physical, spiritual, and local community development programs for the next generation. We operate an after-school program at the mission center, offering math, art, taekwondo, music, English, literacy classes, and baking classes.

We are spreading both bread and the gospel (for physical and spiritual famine) to children, expanding our ministry from focusing solely on children to the broader community of regions, homes, and churches. We conduct home worship services in villages without churches together with lay ministers. We also distribute Bibles in difficult areas with no churches.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Healing for Missionary Kim Young-sun's cardiovascular disease, and Missionary Lee Sun-soo's pain from vascular occlusion, tumors in the kidneys, pancreas, and rectum, so that they can fulfill their mission during the time allowed by God.
  2. For the enriching lives of believers through house church meetings.

Thank you.

Those who understand Korean are encouraged to check out her testimony below.