372. Lease Ending Next Year

372. Lease Ending Next Year

Our building lease ends next year in August (2025). We have started using this facility since 2016, and The Seed grew noticeably while using this building. I am thankful that God gave us a new building (back then) 8 years ago that was aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained.

As the lease can be terminated by both parties with 6 months’ notice, we need to be prepared for options. Either we can renew the lease, or find a new facility. So our leadership team (SLT) has started discussions about our options given the growth of our congregation and received input from team leaders on what we need for each team to function better.

Our building feels a bit small now, so it would be great to find a bigger place. However, because the new potential place needs to be closer to Mokmin (for youth parents) and located near Yonge St for public transportation access, our options are limited. Also, as we have a limited budget, it would be challenging to find a better place than we have right now. However, with given inputs and our growing needs, we will do our best to be prepared for all options.

Shepherd Edward from SLT has volunteered to get some market data using an agent, so we can have enough information to enter into a conversation with the school at the end of this year.

One pastor said, “Limitation + Creativity = Innovation”. Constraint drives creativity, which is a breeding ground for innovative ideas. Let us trust that when it is the right time to move, God will let us know. Until then, we must use all our creativity and resources to use this facility in an innovative way to accommodate all the needs of our ministry. Ironically, when we embrace limits, we find more options. I invite all members to pray for God’s guidance and unity so we can make wise decisions about our meeting space.