374. The Revival Meeting Went Well

374. The Revival Meeting Went Well

I came back from speaking at the revival meeting at Nashua last Monday. There were about 100 participants gathered at the retreat centre, and two different churches also joined. I spoke four times about happiness, identity, purpose, and future. The messages were really well received. Especially, many English-speaking youth and young adults shared with me that the messages spoke to them personally and helped them solve their real issues in life.

There is no ESC pastor in this church, so ESC members listen to the translation of the KSC pastor’s sermon every Sunday. So, KSC wanted this annual church retreat to be focused on ESC. It is easier said than done when KSC members also look forward to this retreat for their own spiritual revival. That is why I was impressed to see KSC members wearing translation devices so that ESC can listen to sermons in their preferred language. I felt that it was a big sacrifice that communicated a clear message to the next generation that they care about them.

Because of this emphasis, I had a bit of concern, as I didn’t want KSC to feel left out. But surprisingly, KSC members were also blessed. One adult after another came to me and sincerely thanked me for the messages. After the last sermon, one of them told me it was the best sermon he heard in his entire life. I saw many of them crying after the last service. Surprisingly, kids were also present (gr. 4-6) and listened very attentively. The senior pastor said that they were supposed to play during the service time, but he put them in just for the first session as an experiment. After the first session, they decided to attend all services. One grade 4 came and shared with me one of the main points he found helpful.

I share this because I see guest speaking as an extension of my church ministry, not my personal gig, as I try to guest speak only at churches that do house church ministry (or want to do it). I have asked for prayer from many of our members. So reporting this is not to brag but to share the fruit of the ministry our members have participated in through prayer.

It was a tough month for me to finalize all the revival messages from scratch, but I felt a deep sense of happiness knowing that I had completed God’s assignment and many souls were touched by it. I witnessed a beautiful church where both KSC and ESC, young and old, do faith together harmoniously and joyfully, which is rare to find in immigrant churches. I felt very blessed to bless this church with the grace of God given to me.