375. Family Vacation

375. Family Vacation

I will be away for a family vacation from 6/17-23. I wanted to choose a date that is close to the end of the Life Bible study classes and a few weeks before the Mission trip. Our family will be going to Mexico, Cancun. We’ve been going to Niagara for the last few years, but the price went up so much that it made sense to go somewhere else. Also, it is off-season there right now so I was able to find a really good deal. But there is a more important reason.

Through prophetic words from pastor Doug and my observation, I felt compelled by God to prioritize our time and finances for Jen’s health and rest from now on. Jen is a very sacrificial and responsible person, so she can easily overwork and stretch herself thin for the sake of others. So I feel it is my responsibility as her husband to protect her from overstretching herself and ensure she takes good care of herself. That is why I chose a place where she could rest completely and not worry about cooking or preparing for the trip.

Burnout is something you want to prevent from happening, not deal with it after it happens. From the beginning of this year, I have been trying to find ways to make Jen’s life easier and add more rest to her life. Other than the family vacation, I have been suggesting she take some time off alone and go out of town, regularly. Through the 10 Days EMP book, “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality”, I was challenged to take personal “sabbath” seriously. I have plans to take regular personal retreats for myself as well, even if it is just one night. But we will see if we can follow through with our plan :)

Another reason is we want to build good memories with my kids. A few of my mentors have emphasized recently the importance of spending money to build bonding moments with kids on different occasions. So we will be placing more emphasis on our trips together moving forward.

I believe family is the first ministry God has given me to lead and protect. But it costs something to maintain our priority, whether that is time, money, or reputation. Priority is never protected by words but by sacrifice and courage.