5. "The Seed" launchs Today

It is exciting time for our ministry as we finally become intergenerational congregation as of today. As you know, our ministry name is now “The Seed”. But there are some other important changes that will take effect from today so here they are:

1. Welcoming area and designated greeters and ushers

Since we are now intergenerational congregation, we are trying to create welcoming environment for new visitors (your VIP friends, co-workers…). To do that, please try not to gather around front doors anymore. Only the “greeters” with serving rotation will stand at the front door and welcome people. New comers get very intimidated by a mob of people at the entrance. It also confuses them to recognize who the greeters are. If you need to talk to one another, I would suggest using cafeteria or sit at service chairs to have chat with one another. Also please do not sit at the side tables for service since we believe worshipping “together” with people next to you is vitally important for your personal worship experience. If “ushers” come and request you to move (up or down), please comply with smile^^. Please remember that ushers are those who are given responsibility and authority to do their job more efficiently and faithfully, regardless of their age.

2. Giving Kiosk

Now, you can place your offering in “giving kiosk” at the front before the service. One of the main reasons for doing this is asking people to come forward to give offering or passing around offering plate could make unchurched people feel umcomfortable. We want to remove as much barrier as we can so that they can focus on hearing the message they need to hear. So during offering time, instead of reading the prayer of thanks together, I will give instruction on giving and use it as a teaching moment for already Christians to give generously and faithfully. We want to make sure that offering time becomes part of our worship.

3. Communication Card

After sermon, during the response praise time, now you can fill out the communication card to share your prayer request and personal decisions. This helps existing members to make tangible decisions after the message. It also provides channel for visitors or VIPs to communicate with church in a less intimidating way. I promise to pray at least 2 times for all people who handed in the communication cards for that week. I encourage everyone to use this card as often as you can because by keeping your pastor involved in your decisions and making concrete “decision” as part of your worship will increase your chance of actually living out your decision.