77. Daniel Fast

77. Daniel Fast

Our church is starting “Daniel Fast” next Sunday for 21 days. We have been doing this along with KSC for the last 3 years. I would like to encourage everyone to participate in whatever capacity because there is huge spiritual and health benefit to this. What then is “Daniel Fast”?

First of all, Daniel fast is modeled after what Old Testament Prophet Daniel did when he was forced to serve a pagan king. He “resolved” not to eat choice food and wine but decided to eat only vegetables and water. Bible records that they looked much better and healthier than all others officers. So during Daniel fast, we abstain from meat and wheat/rice, sugary dessert, and media for 21 days. Since you are still eating vegetables (sweet potato and potatoes are vegetables!) and water, you don’t feel as hungry compared to full fast and has less impact on your daily routines.

The purpose of Daniel fast is “intimacy” with God. There are some “side effects” of losing weight, feeling healthier but ultimate goal is to deepen our relationship with God, through God’s Word and prayer.

Some of you wonder why this is needed and I understand that. But it is true that we get spiritually desensitized as we indulge in an abundance of food and media. As a result, our prayer loses focus and our appetites desire more of physical food than spiritual food. Our church is trying to reach out to the unchurched and to lead them to become followers of Jesus. This is a supernatural task which requires supernatural strength that comes from God’s Word and Prayer. Once you begin this fast, you will realize how much time you had without all distractions and actually find time to read the Bible and pray more. This will help us to be more equipped to fulfill the mission God gave us. Also fasting brings power to break the chains (Isaiah 58:6) that enslave us, such as bad habits or temper issue, which make us ineffective in our mission.

If you’ve never done it before or looking for ways to deepen your faith or waiting for answered prayers for your life or for your house church, I highly recommend you give it a try. If you find it overwhelming, you don’t have to participate in full capacity. You can choose to participate 3 days or a week. You can choose to abstain from one type of food that you crave all the time. However, I recommend participating in “media fast” (eg. social media, TV, movies…) for full 21 days along with other members because It takes about 21 days to lose a bad habit and form a good habit. Instead of trying to not do it, try to replace it with reading the Bible and prayer. I personally experienced one of my biggest prayer requests answered during the Daniel fast. However, remember that it is not about how perfectly you do it. God will always honor your “resolve” to get closer to him.