84. Father's heart

84. Father's heart

When I graduated from university, getting married let alone becoming a father felt like a far-fetched idea to me. I simply thought of it as a future event that will happen after many many years. But to my surprise, after 3 years, I was married and in our 4th year of marriage, I became a Father.

I still remember the day my daughter, Luyah, was born. When I first saw her head coming out from her mother’s womb, for some reason I started to cry, being filled with an unexplainable sense of awe and joy. But at that time, the sense of awe was stronger than that of joy. I felt humbled by the beauty of “Life” and was in awe of God’s design and craftsmanship that was clearly displayed in her tiny body.

These-days, I think I’m feeling more the sense of joy, as I watch my daughter grow. As I see her every day, the awe is fading away but joy keeps increasing and I begin to better understand the word “irresistible“. Interestingly, such emotion helped me to see myself from my father’s perspective. It gave me a great joy when I imagined my father looking at me with such great affection that I have for my daughter. I felt more secure and satisfied. Surprisingly, I began to have more affection for my father.

In the same way, our love for our heavenly Father can only grow as we begin to see things from his perspective. Knowing the Father’s heart is the key to a fulfilling life because once you know that he sees you as “irresistible”, worries of life begins to fade away, anxieties subside and insecurities slowly go out the window.

Father disciplines his children but not with joy. As my daughter is growing, I begin discipline her more but it is never joyful for me to see her crying. As God deals with us, we may feel that he is far but that is the time to see things from His perspective and knowing his affection for us will produce much more affection for our heavenly Father.