93. What’s next for high school graduates

93. What’s next for high school graduates

All grade 12 students are graduating this week so I would like to inform what is ahead for them in terms of their church life. This will also inform parents with graduating students and also youth who are curious about their future.

First step is start attending “house church”. For high school students, they have been part of “Youth” House Church. But once you graduate, now is the time to belong to the “Adult” House Church. House Church is the main body of evangelism and mission of our church. Without house church, there is no “The Seed”. So without attending house church, you are not attending The Seed.

Even if you are going out of town for university, we encourage you to finish choosing your house church before leaving for school. That way, when you come back home, you will have a group of people genuinely welcoming you and willing to listen to your life stories and pray for you.

Many college students have shared to me that it was through house church that their spiritual maturity has increased dramatically. Without being part of a small and intimate community, your faith will take a huge hit in the world of pluralism and moral relativism.

Second step is completing “New Family Class” (NFC). When you were part of the youth group, your church membership went with your parents’. But once you graduate, we consider you as an adult and give you a choice to choose your church. If you happen to stay in the city and want to make this your home church, we encourage you to come to NFC and become a registered member.

Through the 3-weeks of NFC, you will hear about our church vision and direction and be given a chance to ask questions during the class. Members will receive offering envelopes with a unique ID (for tax benefit) and able to serve in church ministry in full capacity. Non-members can volunteer but won’t be able to serve in team leadership positions and in youth/children ministries.

I know many of the senior students are excited about upcoming university life. But let’s also not forget that your faith will be at risk without intentional decision to stay in the faith community and engage in the church’s mission. Those who drift in their faith are those who never made any plans not to.