44. New Family Class

44. New Family Class

What we used to call as Membership Class will change its name to “New Family Class”. Now it will be open to anyone (18 or older) who wants to start attending this church to consider following Jesus. You don’t have to be a Christian to come to this class. To clarify, let me explain our new membership process.

1. Why does membership matter?

During New Family Class, our church’s vision and mission is introduced. The main purpose of New Family Class is to persuade a visitor to become a ministry partner. We want to help a spiritual consumer to become a spiritual contributor. It is because joy is found in contributing, not consuming. Also, as we talk about church mission, it gives people a chance to discover their gift and how they can contribute to the church mission.

2. Registered member vs Baptized member

Anyone (18+) who finishes the New Family Class becomes “Registered Member”. You don’t have to be a Christian to become a registered member. If a Registered Member gets baptized, he/she becomes a “Baptized Member”. If you are already baptized, then after completing the class, you will become a Baptized Member automatically. In a Presbyterian church, baptized member holds the full membership privilege, which includes voting right for major church decisions.

After completing the New Family Class, you will be able to participate in contributing to church mission financially (you will be given an envelope with giving number for tax deduction purpose) and serve in church ministry (though in a limited capacity). Unlike Registered Member, Baptized Member will be able to serve in full capacity and hold leadership roles in the church. Also, important ministries such as youth or children ministry are only open to Baptized Members.

3. Membership Progression

So membership progression in our ministry will look like this:

New Family Class
> GPS > Baptism > Living Life
(*Living life can be taken anywhere).

4. Benefit of Membership

Church membership is a beautiful gift. It can be used to make your church life much more fruitful and enjoyable. There is no greater joy than to engage in church’s mission to impact the lives of people in the world. If you have not finished the New Family Class, consider taking it to become a registered member. Taking this next step will help you enjoy church so much better and you will grow in your spiritual walk. New Family Class runs for 3 weeks and it is held in every first Sunday of the month, after the service.